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Why are the shipping charges higher for my order?

We calculate shipping charges based on the weight, value of your order, and the delivery address zone (Zone 1, 2, or 3 in France). These factors can contribute to the variation in shipping costs. 

What are the different shipping zones in France?

We divided France into three shipping zones: Zone 1 and Zone 2 cover areas in and around Paris and its suburbs, where we offer delivery using our own service. Zone 3 includes the rest of France, where we use a trusted third-party transporter to deliver the Parcels.

What delivery options do you offer for zone-3?

We provide a range of delivery options to cater to your preferences. These include:

  1. Standard Home Delivery: Choose our standard home delivery service, where your order will be delivered directly to the address provided in the order.
  2. Delivery to a Point Relais: Choose our Pick-up Point Delivery service, where your order will be delivered to a designated pick-up location near you. Once your order arrives at the Point Relais, you can collect it at your convenience.

How do you handle shipments outside of France?

If your delivery address is outside of France, we employ international parcel services to ensure direct delivery of the package to your residence.

Where can I find more information about shipping conditions?

For detailed information about our shipping conditions, please visit our website at https://annachi.fr/shipment/. There, you’ll find all the necessary details related to our shipping policies and procedures. If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our customer support team.

Can I choose a specific delivery time?

  • While we offer flexibility in choosing the delivery day for orders in Zone 1 and Zone 2, we regret that we cannot guarantee specific delivery times. The delivery time is determined by the delivery route and traffic conditions.
  • For Zone 3 deliveries, handled by our trusted transporter, once your parcel is dispatched, you will receive a tracking link via email to monitor your shipment’s progress. This way, you can stay updated on the status of your delivery.

How do I know which zone I am located in?

Determining your delivery zone is easy! Our system automatically assigns the appropriate zone based on the geographical region and zip code you provide during the checkout process. Additionally, you can use the shipping calculator on the cart page to confirm your zone before placing the order. Don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team if you need any further assistance.

I won’t be available all day at home to receive the package, so which delivery option would be suitable for it?

For Zone 3, We offer an alternative delivery method called “Pickup Point Delivery.” With this option, your order will be delivered to a nearby pickup location of your convenience. You can collect your package from the designated pickup point at a time that suits you best.

Can I track my delivery or parcel?

We offer a convenient tracking service for all deliveries, ensuring you stay informed every step of the way:

For Orders in Zone 1 & 2: Once you place an order, we’ll send you a notification via email with the scheduled delivery date and time. As the delivery van approaches your address, you will receive another notification with the expected delivery time, along with a link to track the real-time position of the delivery van.

For Orders in Zone 3: After your order is dispatched, we’ll provide you with a tracking number via email or SMS. Simply use this tracking number to monitor your delivery’s progress on the designated courier’s website.

If you ever need to check your delivery status or have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team. We’ll be more than happy to assist you!

What options are available if I am unavailable at the time of delivery?

We understand that you may not always be available during the scheduled delivery time. Here are the available options depending on your delivery zone:

For Orders in Zone 1 & 2: if you are not available, we can deliver your order to your Friends nearby or to your Neighbor. Or else, simply get in touch with our customer care team via email, WhatsApp, or phone call to inform us of your unavailability. We will work with you to arrange the next delivery options at your convenience.

For Orders in Zone 3: If you are not available at home during the time of delivery, your order will be delivered to a nearby pickup location where you can collect it at a time that suits you best.

Are the delivery times the same for all zones?

No, the delivery times vary depending on the delivery zone:

Zone 1 and Zone 2: Customers in Zone 1 and Zone 2 have the flexibility to choose the delivery day, but specific delivery times cannot be guaranteed. The actual delivery time will be determined by the delivery route and traffic conditions.

Zone 3: For customers in Zone 3, where a third-party transporter is used for delivery, there is a designated delivery time.

How can I get my products delivered faster? When is the optimal time for zone 1 and 2 to place orders?

For zones 1 and 2 customers can place orders anytime they prefer. We offer delivery services throughout the week using our dedicated delivery service. So, whether it’s a weekday or the weekend, you can order at your convenience, and we’ll ensure a prompt and timely delivery of your products.

When should I place my order if I am from zone 3?

If you’re from zone 3, we recommend placing your order over the weekend or on Monday. By doing so, we can ensure that your order is shipped out by Monday or Tuesday, allowing you to receive it within the same week. This way, you can enjoy your products without delay and have a seamless shopping experience.

When should I place my order if I am from outside of France?

For customers from other European countries, we recommend placing your order over the weekend or on Monday Just like zone 3 customers. By doing so, we can promptly process and ship out your order, ensuring you receive it within the same week. For a smooth and efficient delivery experience, we encourage all our European customers to follow this recommended order placement timing.

How can I get updates on the order status?

Once you have placed order successfully, you will receive order confirmation mail. After that you can check your order status on the “My Order” section of your user profile. If you need any additional information or have any specific inquiries about your order, our customer support team is always available to assist you.

What is the delivery time for orders from zones 1 and 2?

Orders from zones 1 and 2 are typically delivered within 48 to 72 hours after the order is placed. We strive to process and deliver your order promptly, ensuring you receive your items in a timely manner.

How will I know when my order will be delivered if I am in zones 1 or 2?

If your delivery address falls within zones 1 or 2, you will receive an email notification one day prior to the scheduled delivery. This email will provide you with the exact delivery date and time, ensuring you are well-informed and prepared to receive your order.

How will I know when my order from Zone 3 is dispatched?

Once your order from Zone 3 is dispatched, you will receive an email notification containing your tracking information. This email will provide you with the necessary details to monitor the progress of your delivery using the provided tracking number.

How do I use the “PayPal Buy Now, Pay Later” option?

Offer available only for orders paid via PayPal and valid only for orders between €30 and €2000.

  • Pay in 4 instalments within three months.
  • No additional interest.
  • No late fees.

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