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    As an international student studying away from home, Looking for easy Indian food? We can help you satisfy your taste buds with fresh Indian vegetables, masalas, ready-to-eat goods, and so on. Our Student Club programme is designed especially for Indian students who are pursuing their aspirations abroad from home. We provide a variety of deals and free home deliveries for you.

    The Student Club Terms and Conditions

    The benefits of the Students Club are only available for the students in France.

     • For students in and around Paris Suburbs (Zone 1 & Zone 2), we offer free home Deliveries only During Weekends.
    • To Avail this free Weekend Delivery the minimum order value is above 25€. Below 25€ you will be charged 6.95€ as delivery charge.
    • Orders placed during weekdays (Monday to Friday) will be Delivered the same weekend (Saturday or Sunday). Orders ordered over the weekend (Saturday or Sunday) will be delivered only on Next weekend.

    • For Students from all over France Other than Paris Suburbs (Zone 3), we offer Free Pickup Point Delivery and Home Delivery. 
    • To Avail this free Pickup Point Delivery the minimum order value is above 35€. Below 35€ you will be charged 6.95€ as delivery charge.
    • To Avail this free Home Delivery the minimum order value is above 65€ and also the overall weight of the ordered items should not exceed
    . Below 65€ you will be charged 9.95€ as delivery charge for Home Delivery.

    •You can use the coupon provided in registration conformation mail and get a  10% Discount on your first order.
    • Student club orderws can only be placed via Annachi website online, not by mobile App.
    • Members must enrol in the Annachi’s “Student Club” first, in order to avail the exclusive offers for students.
    • Student must provide the Necessary valid details and proof for registering in the Student Club.
    • Student is a person who is studying for a Degree and has joined a recognised higher education provider (university or college) and is between the ages of 18 and 30 (the “Student”), with a valid and current student identification card issued by an official student union or an educational institute or a valid student visa or an official acceptance letter issued by an educational institute.
    • Degree is defined as an academic degree, any of several titles conferred by colleges and /or universities to indicate the completion of a course of study or the extent of academic achievement.
    • It is mandatory to provide the expected graduation date when enrolling in the Student Club and it is the Student’s responsibility to update such date in the event of any changes. It is mandatory to provide supporting documents such as passport, university or college letter, or student identification card, or student visa, or official acceptance letter from college or university upon enrolment.
    • Upon Reaching the graduation Date, Your Student Club membership will end and the you will automatically continue as a Normal Customer of Annachi.
    • The maximum duration for membership in the Student Club is Three (3) years from the date of enrolment in the Student Club.
    • Student Club membership cards are produced only in digital format, no physical cards will be issued by the Club.

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