Annachi Prime Terms and conditions

Annachi Prime is a subscription service that covers the cost of delivery fees for minimum eligible orders and to get prime price on eligible products for orders placed at Annachi.Fr.  The subscription is valid on purchases from when a customer spends minimum eligible order value in one transaction, after savings and discounts have been applied.

Subscriptions are to be paid yearly and customers may receive a free one-month trial upon subscribing to the service for the first time.

By purchasing the Annachi Prime subscription, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions which are to be read in conjunction with online Customer Agreement. 

1. Conditions of Use

Annachi Prime, is a customer programme (“Annachi Prime”) offered to some Eligible Users. It allows Users to subscribe to obtain free delivery on Eligible Orders (as further described in section 2 below) through our Service.

Annachi Prime subscription is valid for 12 months.

The Annachi Prime subscription strictly covers the Delivery Fee and does not cover any other fees or charges that we may charge from time to time in connection with during the Subscription Period.

The Annachi Prime subscription is for the sole use of the account holder and cannot be transferred to or used for Orders for another customer and cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer in relation to Delivery Fees.

This prime membership does not give you faster delivery or earlier time slots than other customers.

2. Eligible Orders

Eligible Users will receive free delivery on all Eligible Orders. ‘Eligible Orders’ are all orders that are placed with that has to meet the specified minimum order value.

For zone 1: the minimum order value eligible for Free delivery is 25€ and above.

For zone 2: the minimum order value eligible for Free delivery is 30€ and above.

For zone 3: 

(a) UPS Home Delivery – the minimum order value eligible for Free delivery  is 65€ and above and also the overall weight of the ordered items should not exceed 20Kg.

(b) UPS Pickup – We offer free pickup point delivery for the minimum order value of 35€  

For all the above mentioned zones, prime members will eligible for special discount offers on some products from time to time.

For European countries (Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom (UK)) prime membership is applicable only for special discount offers on products but not on delivery charges.

Minimum order values may vary from time to time and reserves the right to vary the minimum order value at any time.

3. Free Trial

Your Annachi Prime subscription may start with a free trial. This is intended for the account holder to try the Annachi Prime service. There is a limit of one free trial per account holder for first time subscribers.

The duration of the free trial period will be for one calendar month starting from the date you sign up for Annachi Prime subscription.

We may consider you ineligible for a free trial if your use of the Annachi Prime subscription is unreasonable or unacceptable in accordance with section 6 (fair use policy and breach) below.

4. Subscription Fees

Eligible Users can subscribe to Annachi Prime for a fee which will be communicated at the time of subscribing. The Annachi Prime Fee may vary from customer to customer depending on what other services, special promotional plans or memberships are offered in combination with free delivery at the time of signing up.

5. Cancellations & Refund

You have the right to change your mind and cancel your Annachi Prime subscription within 30 days of subscribing by contacting Customer Service via email on [email protected], via whatspp on +330184600700 or via phone on +330184600700 .  A full refund of the subscription fee will be given provided you have not used your Annachi Prime subscription in that time.  Once a purchase has been made your Annachi Prime subscription cannot be cancelled.

Once your account is cancelled you will not be able to continue to use your Annachi Prime subscription and you will need to purchase another prime subscription.

6. Fair Use Policy & Breach

You may not use the Annachi Prime subscription in a manner which we consider to be unreasonable or unacceptable and we reserve the right to monitor usage of your Annachi Prime subscription for this purpose.

We may consider your use of the Annachi Prime subscription to be unreasonable or unacceptable if you use it in a manner other than which it was intended for. The below are examples of uses which we may consider to be ‘unreasonable’ or ‘unacceptable’. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list:

  1. if you provide us with false user information (including creating multiple false accounts to receive multiple free trials);
  2. by contravening any applicable laws when you use the Annachi Prime subscription service; or
  3. using your Annachi Prime subscription in any manner which improperly interferes with another person’s use of the Annachi Prime subscription service or for illegal, unlawful or fraudulent purposes.

We may ask you to stop doing something which we reasonably believe is either contrary to the above, or some other similar unacceptable or unreasonable use. You must immediately comply with any such request. If you do not, then we may take any steps reasonably necessary to ensure compliance with these Terms and Conditions, which may include cancelling your Delivery Plus subscription immediately and without notice to you.

Where we revoke a membership subscription for misuse or breach of these terms and conditions, subscription fees are not refundable.

We also reserve the right to terminate your subscription at any time, without notice if we choose to stop providing the services. In such circumstances, you will be provided with a full refund of your subscription fee.

7. General

We may alter or vary the Terms and Conditions at any time without notice to you.